Snowball Express Documentary

Reel Heroes Media has been honored, and proud to support Snowball Express for the past 9 yers producing videos, photography, graphics, and material for the annual event! We had the pleasure to produce this video to tell the story about Snowball Express and the impact for the families. This is one of our favorites from over the years. Snowball Express is now a proud program of the Gary Sinise Foundation, will will be heading to Walt Disney World this year!

Save the iBOT Documentary

Reel Heroes Media was proud to produce this documentary featuring Gary Sinise to raise awareness about the iBOT mobility device, and the impact it has made in the lives of our nation's wounded service members.  Manufacturing of the iBOT was stopped, and an initiative lead by the Huey 091 Foundation began to restore manufacturing, and to make the next generation of the iBOT available to those who need it most.  We were honored to learn that our compelling video was the key factor in obtaining the support needed to make this amazing device available again.

The Snowball Song

This song and video are dedicated to the children of our fallen military heroes, and all those who make Snowball Express Possible!!

Words and Music by

Michael Clay, Amin Emam, Jennifer Perryman

(c) 2013

Inspired by Caehlen Roberts poem to her Father

Snowball Express Talent Showcase and song sponsored by Texas Music Project

Vocals Remington Rafael

Music Production by 12 Elements

Video Produced by Reel Heroes Media